Leather has a very charming essence. With time it becomes softer and acquires a beautiful color change, it naturally develop character, and changes with the passage of time.

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As the time goes by, the leather becomes more rich and unique.

It only gets more beautiful with time, picking up the dyes from your clothes and the oils on your hands, it begins to develop natural markings and  this is how your NATIVA leather bag becomes a timeless piece and starts telling stories about you, and showing  it`s own personality, over time feels like it moldes your shape.

TIMELESS PIECES: A STORY TOLD BY LEATHERThe best thing about natural across tanned leather is how it changes with the pass of time. Instead of deprive, a well treated piece of leather will age like a good wine.You’ll love your bag at the moment you get it but for sure you won’t be able to get apart from it as time goes by.

If you want your leather bag to look better in five years,  you are going to have to take care of it.


How to care for leather products


  • Rub lightly with a soft damp cloth dipped in light shampoo solution.
  • In case of light coloured leather products avoid dirt and oil.
  • Leather’s worst enemies are oil/eggs/pen marks. They do not come out.



  • Leather products should be well aired out or stored in a cloth bag.
  • Do not enclose leather products in plastic bags for a long period of time.


If you take good care of your leather products you can for sure keep telling stories with them, enjoying each one more every day and deeply falling in love with this high quality timeless pieces.

Written by NATIVA creative team

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